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An Author

BACK in her school days, bored in lessons, she

would often take a pencil and drew faces on her fingernails.

Those fingers came alive when she started wiggling them. Five fingers, five figures, five characters, a story in her head and a hell of a good time.

For many years, she have been on an academic path, and her unvarying school days have been superseded by the hustle and bustle of university teaching and research. But something has been missing.

She rises early and often runs. The wind always blows,  the river is never still. Things are awakening in her – characters, stories and a hell of a good time.   

She is married with three children. The years have hurried by, and  children have grown. When silence falls after they have gone to school,  she  sits down, absorbing the quietness, and writes. Within her, she is once again that wisp of a school girl, with characters on her fingers and stories in her head..