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An Author

The three volumes in the ‘Children of Swan:Land of Taron’ YA fantasy trilogy whisk readers off to a strange and unsettling world where parents are missing, siblings can’t be found and life is held cheap.

On a faraway planet Cygnore, in the faraway land of Taron, a prince of Bara and a princess of Rion have disappeared into the mist of the night.On Earth, the Goodman children wake up to trouble and misery. Their parents are not sleeping in their bed – in fact, they have disappeared, along with all the bedroom furniture…
Children of Swan

The Storyline

In the remote land of Taron on planet Cygnore, the kingdoms of Bara and Rion are at war. Being sworn enemies, any intimate relationship between a Baran and Rionean is strictly forbidden, and death is the customary punishment for any offenders.  

Marcus and Zelda, the runaway prince and princess of Bara and Rion, had a life on Earth. They adopted two children Jack and Brianna and had a child of their own, whom they named Bo. For twelve years, they lived happily and peacefully under the name of ‘Goodman’. Then one day they simply disappeared.

Much to the bafflement and distress of their children, Marcus and Zelda have actually returned to their home planet. While Princess Zelda is held captive by the scheming Lord Shusha, Prince Marcus is facing his own problems: if the rumour of his relationship with Princess Zelda is found to be true, it is not just his crown, but his life, that is in danger. But Marcus has lost his memory and can remember neither his passion for Zelda, nor his family life on Earth. Lord Shusha takes this opportunity to plot to make Prince Mapolos the king. Prince Mapolos is a violent and ill-natured man who is secretly Lord Shusha’s son, and so is not a legitimate prince. To become king, the laws of Taron say that Mapolos must be physically fit, but he has been disfigured since birth. Worse still, he does not have the “sovereign’s glow” – a genetic feature passed on by a king to his children.

Bo, the son of a prince of Bara and a princess of Rion, has the ultimate sovereign’s genes.

Earth is slowly dying from energy starvation, and the lives of much of the population are in a dire plight. Energy-rich "blue-moon" stone is abundant in the land of Taron; if Dr Pentland, and his small team of scientists from Earth, can treat Prince Mapolos’ disfigurement and transfer into him Bo’s sovereign’s genes, then Mapolos will become king, and Lord Shusha will give Earth the blue-moon stones it needs to survive.