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Fill and submit the form. A email will send to you with link information. Download the book and enjoy reading it, but don’t forget to share your review with others by posting them on relevant websites.

See below for Q&A on reviewing a book.

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Q&A on Reviewing a Book

Q: Where can I post a review?

A: Currently the books are available on Amazon and Goodreads, so, and are the preferred sites to post your reviews.

Q: How to can I find the books on Amazon and Goodreads?

A: Go to Amazon (,, or other amazon sites) and search for ‘Land of Taron’ to bring up all three The Land of Taron books.

Alternatively, use the links below:

Links for the Land of Taron, Vol 1:

Links for the Land of Taron, Vol 2:

Links for the Land of Taron, Vol 3:

Q: How do I post a review on Amazon?

A: Go to an Amazon site and locate the book you are to review (you may access the book using the links given). If the book has reviews posted, scroll down to Customer Reviews, and you will see a button labeled ‘Write a Customer Review’ (see figure below). Click the button to bring up the review form.

If the book hasn’t any review yet, you will a link ‘Be the first to review this item’ under the author’s name. Clicking it will take you to the review form.  

Q: How do I post a review on Goodreads?

A: Go to and locate the book you want to review (access the book using the links given above if you like). You will see a green button labeled ‘Want to Read.' Click the downwards arrow to access the drop-down menu (see figure below). Click ‘Read’ to bring up a page giving options to rate and review the book.

Q: What to write in a review.

A: A review should give an honest opinion of what you think about the book, share your thoughts on it, and to offer a helpful view to others who might like to know what you think, as a reader, before they decide whether or not to read it. Have you enjoyed it? Are any of the characters particularly interesting?  How is the story paced? Would you like to read more?  There are many questions you might like to ask as a curious reader. You can use these questions as pointers for structuring your review.  It doesn’t matter how long it is, just feel free to express yourself.