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An Author

Children of Swan: The Land of Taron, Vol 2

The Story

Lady Cici wants Jack to live, but not for Jack’s sake.

Though the prospect of marrying a prince preserves her sanity, Cici’s heart is still in anguish over the death of her childhood sweetheart, Ornardo.  Being Lord Shusha’s daughter, she has learned many arcane crafts. Injecting the soul of a dead person into a living body is one of them.

Jack slips into a helpless stupor and wakes up to find himself in a very strange situation. His body is painted blue, Lady Cici calls him ‘Ornardo’ and gazes at him with eyes glittering with passion. He realises, to his utter horror, that he is no longer the master of his own body, which is now occupied by two souls.

To his bewilderment, Ornardo, the master of Jack’s body, is also tormented. The long sleep he has just woken up from, the realization of his own death and the death of his parents, and, above all, the unknown fate of Lizi, his beloved sister, fills Ornardo with dread and despair. Jack and Ornardo discover that Lizi is alive, and that she is in danger. Ornardo must save her, but he cannot save her alone – he needs Jack’s help.


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Land of Taron: Jack Book Cover: Children of Swan: The Land of Taron 2
As his feet rose further from the ground, he felt a despairing helplessness, like a ball deflated. He searched, scanning the blue faces of the Barans, trying to grasp a sign, a sparkle of hope, or a sympathetic glint — something he had seen in his father. After all, they were the same sort of beings. With pain and deep disappointment, he registered his failure. Everywhere he looked, cold and unpitying eyes were staring back at him ...

“I found myself holding my breath” — Rosie Malezer for Readers’ Favorite

“Vivid descriptions and a colorful plot all go a long way towards this masterful piece of work ” —  Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

“This second volume is as compelling and as visually engaging as the first.” – Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite

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