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The Storyline

The fanfare resounds and the stage is set for Lady Cici’s engagement to Prince Marcus. But she feels dreadful because she no longer wants to marry Marcus; Ornardo is all she wants.  But does Ornardo, with his mind and soul full of his sister and his dead family, still love her as he did before?

Lord Shusha suggests to Cici that she and Ornardo have a picnic, just as they used to. Perhaps the repetition of a past event will bring back Ornardo’s affection for her. Cici jumps at the idea, and Ornardo is also enthusiastic about the picnic.

For Jack, however, it is exhausting to watch. There is no doubt that Ornardo is enjoying himself — re-enacting a picnic that ended mysteriously and tragically in the past — but Jack feels he is just being dragged along. Ornardo throws himself into the picnic with such conviction and vigour that it is almost as if he believes deep inside that, if he repeats the event with the utmost optimism, he can rewind the past to a certain instant and then head forward on a new path …

The promise of Brianna’s healing power is diminished by her complete aversion to Prince Mapolos. If she cannot be coaxed to exert her healing influence on his behalf, then she must be forced. The theatre is set, the wheel is turning, Bo’s small body is glowing under the moonbeams.  Prince Mapolos, with his veins connected to the tubes, is in a feverish state, pacing incessantly, like a trapped animal that smells blood.

It is like a magic show — the deformed man disappears, and in his place a well-proportioned, trim young man stands, glowing like the blue moon in a pale sky. It is the sovereign’s glow. Prince Mapolos has been transformed, with every cell in his blood containing the ruling gene segments cut from Bo’s DNA, he is now the heir apparent.

For Prince Mapolos only one more thing remains to be done: it is time to accuse Prince Marcus of treason and rid the kingdom of him and his loathsome children.  

Children of Swan: The Land of Taron, Vol 3 Land of Taron: Eye Book Cover: Children of Swan: The Land of Taron 3

Five Star Reviews from Readers’ Favorite  

“Vivid descriptions and a colorful plot all go a long way towards this masterful piece of work” —  Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

“The characters are compelling and they exude the kind of irresistible charm that makes readers only too eager to follow them in their time and astral travels, watch them in their mounting conflicts, and cry as some tumble.” – Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

“Action-packed stories which keep you on the edge of your seat” — Rosie Malezer for Readers’ Favorite

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He had seen them growing up – all three of them. Brianna was the sweetest one. Now and then she was a little bossy towards her brothers, but she had always tried to make amends afterwards. For all that time, he had been aware, as much as he was aware of his own inescapable shadow, that an unfavourable future was waiting for the family. He had taken care of them with that future in mind, like forest workers caring for trees to be cut or farmers for cows to be slaughtered. Rarely had he paused to consider or question it. He had always assumed that their unhappy future was still far away...